Animal Communication

What is ‘Animal Communication?

Animal communication is communicating with an animal via a ' telepathic' process. Animal communicators are sometimes referred to as ‘pet psychics’ Communicating with an animal is a two way process, there is a sender and a receiver. Anyone who shares a bond with an animal already communicates in several ways: voice, body language, and/or intuition. We humans also have the ability to connect in another way telepathically, which is the method animal’s use for speaking with each other. Telepathy can be done in person or over distance using a good description or a photo of the animal.

Speaking with an Animal?

Through ‘animal communication’ you can find out what your animal is thinking, why the animal behaves in a certain way, how the animal feels, if there is message for you, and many other things. Those who share their lives with animals understand how important they are to us in every aspect.

People can use an animal communicator for all different reasons such as:

  • To get to know their animals likes and dislikes.
  • To find out the reason behind undesirable behavior.
  • To inquire about their health and wellbeing. This can be used to assist your veterinarian. (Animal Communicators are never a replacement for good veterinary care).
  • To find out what their life purpose is.
  • To find out if they have a message for you.
  • To find out if your animal is ready or needs help passing on.
  • To speak to your animal that has passed on.
  • The animals past life and memories

What can I expect if I have a reading done on my pet?

Ideally I will use of photograph of your pet to allow the tuning in process to take place (if a photo is not available then a good description may suffice) Let me know of any questions you may have for your pet. The way in which I work is to communicate with your pet initially and I will record the information that I receive from your pet during this process, I will then contact you and relay the information back to yourself. I will also tune in to your pet again after the initial reading to receive any further information or questions that may arise.

The session usually takes 40 minutes – 1 hour sometimes longer depending on the communication.

You may want some distant healing added to your animal communication, session this is Reiki, which I am also fully qualified in. Reiki translation literally means "Universal Life Force Energy". After attunement to Reiki, the practitioner is able to channel this energy through their hands to heal people, animals, plants or situations. This very gentle but powerful healing energy can be life changing in its effects. Healing can be given either hands-on or distantly. I usually work with reiki alongside animal communication.

In my experience animals are very aware of what goes on in their owners lives and this can be reflected in their moods and behavior. So please be prepared that part of the reading maybe about your life and your feelings also, as animals do like to give information about the people they share their lives with.

Please note that not all animals are willing to discuss everything that happens in their lives, I cannot force an animal to do anything against their free will to suit the owner’s wishes and desires.

Animal communication session with questions is charged at £30 per session per animal.

Animal communication session with questions and distant healing (reiki) is charged at £40 per session per animal.


NOTE: Animal Communication or reiki is not a replacement for good veterinary care; I am not a vet and so cannot diagnose illness. What I can do is describe and show the symptoms the animal tells me which can assist your vet.

The veterinary surgery act 1966 prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from diagnosing ailments.

The protection of animal’s act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this.

The recipient must understand that in some circumstances an animal’s behaviour problem could be the animal mirroring their owners own emotional problems. Therefore highlighting areas of which the owner must look at in their own life; if this is the case and the individual fails to acknowledge their animal’s message, then the behaviour of the animal may not change, I will NOT be held responsible for this.

The recipient must make his or her own evaluation of information received from an animal communication session.

Payment must be made prior to the communication session taking place and that the fee is none refundable.


I am a registered member of the "International Reiki & Energy Healers Guild"

I am a registered member of the "Global Spiritual & Holistic Association"


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