Recommended Exotic Vets

JC Exotic Pet Consultancy Ltd
John Chitty
Wiltshire SP4 0DD

Tel : 07775796432
Fax : +44 1980 610370


Ashleigh Veterinary Centre & Avian Exotic Animal Clinic
Aidan Raftery
221 Upper Charlton Road
M16 0DE

Tel : 0161 881 6868 Fax : 0161 860 5047

Vale Vets
Rachel Mowbray
Vale vets
The animal hospital
Stinchcombe, Dursley
GL11 6AJ

Tel: 01453 542092

Chapel House Veterinary Practice
Hady Hill
S41 0DZ

Tel: 01246 222232

Great Western Exotic Vets
Unit 10 Berkshire House
County Park
Shrivenham Road

Tel: 01793 603 800

Veterinary Care of Pet Skunks (USA)
Dr. Renata Schneider

American Veterniary Site with lots of information.

Sites of Interest

Jungle Talk
Animal outreach programs and futher information and guidance about Skunks.

Striped Bandits
An American site devoted to providing domestic Skunk owners with the most accurate and up to date information.

Skunk Haven USA
An American skunk website, which is full of usefull information.

Raptor Experience Wales
Falconry centre based near Machynlleth in Mid Wales. Offers the opportunity to tailor-make your own experience.

Vale Cat Rescue
Small voluntary group set up to recue and assist in the recuperation and re-homing of many stray, feral and abandoned cats in the Blaenau Gwent area.

The Flashman Foxes
A website and blog about various types of foxes.

STA Ferret Rescue
The Ferret Rescue, Racing and PR arm of STARescue Small Pet Welfare.

Casey's Creatures
Exotic animal encouter's, education and children's parties.

The Reptile Zoo
Mobile Petting Zoo service suitable for people of all ages.

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust
Working to keep wolves in the wild.

Recommended UK pet supply specialists.
Species appropriate food, designed to meet the dietry needs of the pet skunk

Microchipping Database

Pet Insurance

Exotic Direct

Animal Communication/Pet Psychic

Animal Matters
Animal Healers


Distant Reiki Attunements

Reiki Guild

International Reiki & Energy Healers Guild


Global Spiritual & Holistic Association

Site Links

Animal Communication

Addition Information

If you know any good sites then please let me know.